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Rice Dishes

Chopstick's Favorite Food

The Moon Fried Rice Beef, Chicken, Pork... $13 | Shrimp...$15

Steamed White Rice...$2.50

Plain Fried Rice...$3

Brown Rice...$3

Combination Fried Rice $16

Rice noodles cooked with shrimp. chicken. eggs sprouts, green onions and crushed peanuts

Curry Fried Rice, Chicken Beef, Pork... $13 | Shrimp...$15

Chicken. Beef or Pork stir fried with red bell pepper, basil, broccoli and flat rice noodles with a special tasty sauce

Pineapples Fried Rice Chicken, Beef or Pork... $13 | Shrimp...$15

Pineapple, green onion, egg and roasted cashews

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