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Herbs, Spices, & Everything Nice

Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Tofu…$13

Royal Chicken Curry

Grilled chicken with red curry on the side with

zucchini, broccoli, red bell pepper and carrots

Smiley Chicken (Red Curry)

Bamboo shoots, red bell pepper, Thai basil, and red curry

Panang Curry

Thai herbs and spices blended in curry sauce, hint of kaffir lime leaves, and red bell pepper in coconut milk

Yellow Curry

Yellow curry paste, potato, carrots in coconut milk

Green Curry

Green curry paste with bamboo shoots, red bell pepper zucchini and basil

Grilled Salmon...$19

Grilled salmon topped with panang curry sauce, basil leaves, red bell peppers, broccoli and carrots

Massaman Curry

Creamy curry as our homemade peanut sauce as a base with potato and yellow onion

Roasted Duck Curry...$19

Roasted Duck, tomatoes, pineapple, lychee in Thai Red curry

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